For Parents

1, The child should come to school on time in proper uniform. For improper uniform, permission must be taken in writing.
2. Write a leave note in the diary for being absence.
3. Check the diary daily and sign if required, Ensure that all the assignments are completed on time.
4. Visit the school as and when called by the school authorities.
5. Dues to be paid regularly within the time frame laid down by the school. The date of deposit should be mentioned in the diary.
6. Send with nutritious food and avoid junk food. Please provide one seasonal fruit everyday.
7. Any damage done to the school property by your child will have to be replaced.
8. Compulsary for all the parents to attend the PTA meetings. For unavoidable circumstances, kindly inform the school authorities.
9. No visitor is allowed to meet any staff or students with prior permission from the principal but in case of emergency, you can contact during the break.
10. Students suffering from infectious diseases should not attend the school untill fully cured.
11. Asthmatic students should always keep inhalers with them while in school. The school will not be responsible for any contingencies related to the same.
12. Students suffering from chronic diseases should inform in writing to the school authorities about their ailments at the time of admission.
13. Parents are welcomed to use the suggestion box.
14. The school reserves the right to dismiss the student whose conduct in the school or outside is harmful to other students.
15. Students suffering from any one of the following diseases must observed the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to school.
chicken pox— Till complete falling of Scabs.
Cholera— Till the child is complete well.
Measles— Two weeks after the rashes disappear.
Mumps— Until the swelling has gone.
Whooping— Six weeks.
Jaundice— Six weeks.
17. Attendance is Compulsory:
*On the last and first working day prior to holiday.
18. Application for transfer Certificate should be made in the prescribed form at least one week in advance.
19. Transfer certificate will be issued only after all the dues have been cleared.